Zak Smith is an engineer, inventor, published writer, sponsored competitive practical shooter, motorcycle racer, and small-business owner living in northern Colorado.
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Zak Smith. Amateur Extra class radio operator in Fort Collins, Colorado and mobile around the country.

I studied electrical engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and graduated with an MSEE in 1998. Prior to that I finished a BSEE, with "Computer Engineering Option" and a second major (BA) in Computer Science in 1997. My area of specialization for my master's degree was computer architecture and operating systems with research in data-correlated branch predictors. For my undergrand, my secondary interest was electromagnetic waves and I did some extra work in the area of microwave emitters. My primary professional career has been spent in the CPU-design laboratories of Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

My interest in radios is for emergency and backup communications, and effective field or event communications.


I have a pile of radio gear, including: Icom 706MKIIG, Yaesu VX8DR, FTM-350AR, FT-7900R, a bunch of Standard Horizon HX370S's, two Icom F-1721's.

Local club - NCARC

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 THUNDER BEAST ARMS CORPORATION  [co-founder/owner and Vice President Operations]

 DEMIGOD LLC  [owner]


 CPU VERFICATION ENGINEER  [member of technical staff]

 SMITH OFFROAD  [rider/racer - subsidiary of DEMIGOD LLC]

 STEEL SAFARI LLC  [match director, owner]

 COLORADO MULTIGUN LLC  [co-founder and Secretary]